ISO 27001 Benefits: Protecting your business from Cyber Crime

Cybercrime, the term used for illegal activity dedicated on the internet is a major headache for businesses with speedy actions damaging production and standing worldwide. From email intrusion, spamming, credit card fraud, data security the list is endless and the value is high. One of the ways to reduce the risk of cybercrime is by implementing ISO 27001 in to the workplace. ISO 27001 is the international information security management skeleton, a standard set by the British Standards Institute to improve safety, competence, business exchange and trade facilitation. There are three steps to take to mitigate the risk of becoming a fatality of cybercrime:

1) Risk Assessment – a procedure carried absent by information security experts to assess what you have and what you need to do.

2) ISO 27001 Implementation –implement the risk management and information security management system.

3) Information Security Officer – moreover in house or outsourcing through a qualified team of expert, often the most cost effectual way of information security management.

ISO 27001 benefits to commerce ISO 27001 does much more than limiting the risk of cybercrime, we list the benefits of implementing the standard to your business:

  •  Increase in commerce as customers / suppliers recognize a credible trust partner
  •  Increase in Government tender opportunity as a compliance requirement
  •  Business differentiator providing competitive benefit over similar organizations
  • Framework demonstrates legal and regulatory requirements, no law contravention no penalties
  • Repeatable, sustainable processes easy to keep up to date when guideline changes
  • Reduction in incidents and support expenses, more time spent on efficiency
  • Pro active management of risk and standing, staff aware, roles and processes in place
  •  Business able to sustain and support expansion with controls in place


We know cybercrime can be devastating for business but the damage long term can be significant. It is a mandatory requirement for UK public sector organizations to inform the Information Commissioner’s Office of a data breach. Although the same legislation is not currently enforced in the UK private sector, increasingly commercial organizations are required to meet certain information security standards in order to win the trust of their customers and suppliers to tender for projects. As well helping to win new clients, public sector contracts and setting a standard in industry, ISO 27001 also mimeses the risk of data breaches, loss of business and offers protection from cybercrime attacks stalling production – ultimately saving you money.