Finally: Affixing the CE Marking

Directive 93/86/EEC delineates the requirements for how CE marking should eventually be affixed. CE marking must be affixed to the product, or, when this is not possible to its wrapping, if any, and to the accompanying documents by the manufacturer, the authorized representative in the community or, in exceptional cases, by those accountable for placing the product on the market. Where special provisions do not impose detailed dimensions, CE marking must have a tallness of at least five (5) millimeters. When a Notified Body is used, its number must show below the CE marking. The actual CE marking is the correspondence “CE:” an abbreviation of a French phrase “Conformite Européenne.” The marking indicates that the manufacturer has conformed to all the obligations required by the legislation. Initially, the phrase was “CE mark:” though, the term “CE marking” was legislated as its substitute in 1993.

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